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Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

Client Testimonials

The team at Marquis genuinely take the hassle away from re-mortgaging, Tom and his friendly team are knowledgeable, helpful and committed to finding their clients the best possible deal available on the market. We have used Marquis for our last two re-mortgages and I would have no hesitation in recommending Marquis Financial Services to anyone looking to re-mortgage their property.
Mr and Mrs Dawson
Our adviser, David, couldn’t have been any more helpful. He answered all queries that we had both quickly and accurately. We will definitely be using Marquis again and well recommend to friends and family.
Mr David Jones and Claire Holden
I recently approached Marquis Financial Services to help me get the my foot on the property ladder to purchase my first home. Within days I had my budgets on the amount I could spend on a property, I then found a house four weeks down the line and made offers etc. Even though the banks came back twice refusing my mortgage Marquis were still determined that I should have no problem in getting the mortgage, I therefore put full faith in them and within a couple o f weeks Marquis got the result I honestly thought I wouldn’t get. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Marquis for everything they have done as well as guide me with the house insurance and the solicitors I used. I wish you the best of success which I don’t doubt for one second.
Anthony Warhust
If you are looking for a quality mortgage service – You’ve found it! I have recently been a customer of Marquis Financial Services and they found and completed all the processes for my mortgage, I received a superb service from Carly and her colleague Ian. The main services I have benefited from have been searching out the right product for my circumstances, arranging all the ancillary requirements and ensuring everything went smoothly and to plan.
Stewart Mackay
The service provided at Marquis was outstanding with every aspect of our mortgage options set out in a clear and concise manner. So much so that I have recommended them to a number of friends and family looking for the best deals in the market.
Amy Rollason
We used Marquis Financial Services to remortgage our home. Previously we had received some poor financial advice but Marquis were honest from day one. They sought out the best deal not letting commission influence their decision making. In the end we ended up with the deal we wanted, a first rate service!
Paul Rhoden
After arranging our domestic mortgage though Marquis Financial Services, they are now helping me to build up a buy to let portfolio. Great impartial advise and a thorough knowledge of the entire property purchase process, dealing with estate agents, solicitors and surveyors as well as the lender. A thorough understanding of the lenders lending criteria, helped me always to have the right product for my needs.
James Jenkins
As first time buyers, Ian at Marquis Financial Services Ltd helped us with so much more than just finding us the right mortgage. The communication was excellent and Ian was always available for friendly advice beyond the call of duty regarding anything to do with our house purchase, providing us with reassurance every step of the way. I highly recommend Marquis Financial Services to anyone looking for a mortgage and would definitely look to use their services in the future as they were an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Tom Johnson and Kate Solaru
We were recommended Ian Pollock at Marquis by a good friend who couldn't praise him enough. We too found him so friendly and more than helpful when it came to sorting out our re-mortgage. He made everything so easy to understand and was there at every step, keeping us up to date at each stage and sorting out all necessary insurances required. It made the whole process simple and straightforward with no stress or hiccups. We have and would always recommend Marquis Financial Services to all our friends.
James Sellars & Jessica Long

Case Studies

Please note the case studies below are based upon actual clients and factual information, however the names have been changed to protect there personal identity.

Offset Mortgage

Mr Smith was a successful businessman, he was looking for a new mortgage as his current deal with Lloyds was coming to a close.

During the fact find we highlighted that Mr Smith had a sizable amount of savings spread across various deposit accounts both instant access and notice accounts. These savings were taxable and Mr Smith had no immediate plans for the savings.

We recommended Mr Smith took out an offset mortgage from Coventry BS, the interest rate was lower and presented a saving on its own however the real saving was made when the funds were offset, by offsetting his savings against the mortgage, the amount of interest charged on his mortgage was significantly reduced, his savings also became completely tax free as no tax is payable on debit interest and an offset savings does not pay credit interest.

We presented Mr Smith 2 options, one was to reduce his monthly payment and retain the current term of the mortgage giving himself more disposable income, the other was to retain his current monthly payment and as the interest on his mortgage was next to nothing almost of his payment would go to the capital reduction of his mortgage meaning he could pay the mortgage off years early and save thousands of pounds.

Mr Smith opted for second option and is now looking forward to being mortgage free, years earlier than anticipated!

Low Fee Mortgage

Jane was looking to purchase her first property, she agreed a price with the vendors of £85,000 and she had a £30,000 deposit to put towards the purchase. During our fact find we discussed getting the right balance between rates and fees, as the mortgage was relatively small we felt it was important not too chase a headline rate but ensure the overall cost of the mortgage including all fees was as low as possible.

We recommended a product from Coventry BS, that by no means offered the lowest rate in the market, however the mortgage product only had a singular fee of £199 payable, which covered the arrangement fee for the mortgage and the valuation for the property, therefore there was no fee added to the mortgage which would have incurred interest. When we reviewed the cost of the mortgage over the deal period, compared to the cheapest rate available in the market which had a very common £999 charge, the Coventry deal was considerable cheaper and also meant that because there was no fee added to the mortgage, Jane’s mortgage balance was lower at the end of the deal period.

Equity Release

Mrs Johnson had previously looked into an equity release mortgage but at the time was unsure as too the implications relating to the safety of her residence, and at the time decided she was not comfortable with the arrangement.

She decided to revisit it with ourselves, we visited Mrs Johnson at her home and began to discuss the benefits and implications of an equity release loan, following this meeting and after Mrs Johnson had again expressed an interest we set up a meeting with a key partner who work with us in arranging this type of finance.

3 months later Mrs Johnson was delighted after receiving a lump sum that she does not have to make payments on, she is very comfortable that she can never be evicted from her home with the equity release loan and is now enjoying the benefits of her home improvements and extra cash flow.

She had said the reason she was comfortable this time, was due to many face to face meetings with ourselves she trusted the advice she was given and it seemed as if she had a friend holding her hand along the way.

First Time Buyer

Mr and Mrs Patel, were looking to purchase their first home. They were unsure as too how much they could borrow, what type of mortgage they should go for and how much deposit to put down. There circumstance was somewhat unusual as Mrs Patel who was a doctor had very recently accepted contract work and was not in a permanent position. They were also looking to purchase in central London where properties do not come cheap.

Using our knowledge of the mortgage market, we isolated a few select lenders who we believed if we could prove a track record of good level earnings would accept Income for both Mr and Mrs Patel, which would increase their borrowing capacity and allow them to purchase in central London. We spoke to the lenders and achieved an approval from the lender with the best rates. This meant that Mr and Mrs Patel could borrow the amount of monies they required and at market leading rates.

We then went on to discuss deposits, terms and types of mortgages and Mr and Mrs Patel were delighted with their repayment fixed rate mortgage over 35 years but with the ability to overpay should they wish to reduce the term quicker than the stated 35 years. We also assisted Mr and Mrs Patel, in dealing with their agents and recommended a solicitor that we trusted from working with them on a vast number of applications.

Since the mortgage completed, Mr and Mrs Patel have made a number of friends and family referrals to us, as they were delighted with the clear and concise advice they received and even more happy with the result.