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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Get the right Buildings & Contents Insurance to meet your needs...

Your home is very important to you; it's a roof over your head and the place where you keep your most personal possessions and that's why you need to protect it.

Home insurance is often known as buildings and contents cover, as there is often two separate constituent parts involved.

There is no legal requirement for buildings & contents cover although, assuming you have a mortgage, your lender will always insist on you having buildings cover as a minimum. However, as your home is likely the most important asset you have it's important to ensure you have everything covered.


Both your buildings and your contents can be covered separately, however it is usually cheaper to combine them, with most insurers providing a discount when buildings & Contents are purchased together.

Click on each of the tabs to see the difference between 'buildings', 'contents' and 'landlord' insurance.


'Buildings' refers to the bricks and mortar of the house itself - and often extends to the surrounding land, such as garden and outbuildings.

To determine the level of cover required, the provider will assess the cost of rebuilding your property, which can often be much less than the market value of your home.

Some insurers however provide what's called a blanket cover policy which means the sum assured is the same on all the policies they provide, up to £1m for example.


'Contents' is everything you put in the house; all your worldly possessions, from your invaluable family heirlooms to your favourite armchair.

The possessions which you take outside the home such as cameras, watches and jewellery can also be covered within this part of your home insurance, as well as items stored outside in a garage or shed.


If you are a landlord and rent out your property, you will a slightly different type of home insurance. Assuming you have a mortgage you will be required to have building cover as a minimum, just as with a residential mortgage.

However, depending on the agreement you have with your tenant, you may or may not require cover for the contents of the property.

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